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Post Frame Building Materials

We at Countryside Builders have the expertise to design and build the project of your dreams. We only use the finest materials in our industry to ensure that the finished project will be both functional and long-lasting. We are custom builders who can design a building based on your specifications - "if you can draw it, we can build it!"

Features on our buildings run from the ordinary to the extraordinary, Walk doors, overhead garage doors, sliding doors, insulation, overhangs, steel liners, partition walls, lofts, cupolas...these are just a few of the quality features we can offer to meet your needs. Please visit RC Buildings to see a full list of the quality materials and features available through Countryside Builders. 

Post Anchor

Post Anchor

16' Diameter Holes

4' Deep from Level Grade
80#'s of 5,000# Concrete Mix for Pad
80#'s of 5,000# Concrete Mix for Anchor
Total of 160#'s used. Building wide than 60' have an additional 80#'s added.


#1 Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine

All #1 Yellow Pine Lumber used throughout building. Stronger, holds fasteners better.
Corner Braces #1 YP
Standard at each corner.
2x4 Wall Girts #1 YP 

2x4 Strip Sheathing #1 YP

Strip Sheathing

2x4 Strip Sheathing on top of trusses
Lapped one foot at splices
2x6 Eave Boards #1 YP
Post Notch
6x6 Posts are notched for direct support of truss. Truss is nailed and Bolted
Knee Brace #1 YP
Double 2x4 Knee Braces are used for additional strength. 

Optional Plasti-Sleeve Post Protectors

Post Protectors

A one piece molded plastic sleeve with an enclosed bottom designed to fit post cleanly. Made from a high quality HDPE plastic which has an in-ground decay resistance of hundreds of years. Portects against post rot, decay or insect attack. Length 5'6"

Steel I-Beams

I beams

Engineered Steel I-Beams used for side door headers. Full clearance side door same height as end door.

Sliding Door Stay

Door Stay

Prevents door from closing on its own while open.
Sliding Door Jamblatch
7-inch hook and powerful cam-action pulls the door securely again the jamb. Eliminates rattling and wind damage. Opens inside only. 

Sliding Door Bottom Guide

Bottom Guide

Door rolls easy. No binding or catching on the smooth mated surfaces
2x6 Center Match
2 rows of treated #1 Yellow Pine 2x6 Center Match Standard on buildings.

2-Piece Sliding Door Center

Center Door Guide on a 6x6 post buried in the center of the door opening with concrete. All components are made of heavy steel. 2-piece Door Centers are 2-ply 2x4's for added Strength.

6x6 Treated Post Grade #2 and Better

Posted GradeYellow Pine 6x6 Posts are Kiln Dried before Treating this allows Treatment to follow the Grain of Wood from Ends of Post for 100% Penetration of Sapwood. Minimum of.60 CCA Pressure Treatment. No Splices. 6x6's have 5 1/2 more square inches of wood than 3-2x6's that is 22% more. 


TrussesD.S.S. and M.S.R. Lumber
Straight Bottom chord is standard. Allows full clearance throughtout building. Minimum 25# per sq. ft Roof Load. Standard Truss Spacing 8' oc.
End Wall Post
End wall posts go to top of end wall for additional strength

Finished Interior

InteriorWheeling Corrugating Liner Panel with 6" R-19 Fiberglass Insulated Sides and 9" R-30 Fiberglass Insulated Ceiling Double Framed Wall 

Optional Concrete Foundation

Concrete FoundationConcrete Foundation with 4x6 Treated Plate and U-Post Brackets.

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Material specifications shown are subject to change without notice